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Pastoral Search

We are looking for a Senior Pastor that has strengths in Biblical Preaching and Anointed Teaching. We desire an atmosphere of operating in the Holy Spirit, which is not just taught and preached, but EXPERIENCED. Gifts in spiritual leadership are also strongly desired as our church family is seeking to be discipled and equipped. One of our strongest assets is our youth and the youth programs we offer. We recently hired a youth shepherd on staff, however, it would be beneficial to have a senior pastor that has a heart for the youth and young families. We have a few small groups that have formed; although, we are in need of someone to guide this area of our growth. Specifically, small groups that include teaching on journaling, exhibiting how accountability and vulnerability is safe to take place, and understanding the basic design of how a covenant relationship works.

Church in General:

• A safe place where the family of God comes to pursue and participate in His holiness. Not a place to consume a message and then call it good for the rest of the week.

• Corporate and individual surrender to God.

• Covenant relationship is taught and used by our family of God.

• Where the Holy Spirit is welcome to take over our meetings and lead us in God’s agenda.

Our expectation is that God is going to show up and life changing things will happen all the time. To have the Holy Spirit not moving in our meeting is a rare exception to the rule.

Take a look at Hope In Action.

If you are interested and would like the church profile contact Vonnie Erickson at