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Hope's mission is simple: reaching out to those who do not know Jesus, and nurturing those that do.  As a body of believers we have come up with our 3 core values.  We believe at this point in time God is calling us to live into these values and express them publicly.

Hope's values: Authentic community, deep growth, mission minded

Hope is called to be an AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY of believers where fellowship, trust, prayer, forgiveness, and hospitality push us closer to Christ likeness.
Hope is called to be consumed with DEEP GROWTH where the Word and worship impact lives in such a way that we move towards intimacy with Christ.
Hope is called to be MISSION MINDED where everyone strives to behave in accordance to the gospel, calling both youth and adults to know their purpose in the Lord.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY is measured by the following

  • Growing in deep relationship with the people of Hope Reformed
  • Breaking bread together
  • Loving our neighbor
  • Loving and apologizing always reconciling us to each other and to God
  • Learning how to love our selves, and love God together    

DEEP GROWTH is measured by the following

  • To worship in spirit and truth
  • To worship in such a way that we are nourished, renewed, and having intimacy with Christ
  • Learning a disciplined life of prayer, scripture, and praise
  • To center our lives on the Word  knowing that we move to where God is leading, abandoning ourselves and our desires for the sake of God’s desires

MISSION MINDED is measured by the following

  • To know that we all are called to participate in the Reign of God
  • To know that we are sent to serve both Montevideo and beyond
  • To pass on our faith to the younger generations so they inherit a faith stronger than ours
  • To walk in obedience in accordance with scripture and our individual call

Hope Reformed exists so that the name of Christ will be made known to all.